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Support: 2 LP
Producer: Hoss for Boss
Vinyl: Black

Artwork labels (Day side, Night side, Steel Blade) and color cover with b/w photo on rear. Limited edition of 25 on blue vinyl. Picture disc of both records also circulating.
Other known versions:
- September Songs: Black vinyl and custom "September songs" labels
- TAKRL: Matrix Castaway A/B/C/D black vinyl. Copy of Hoss for Boss original
- Lounging Records: clear vinyl or white vinyl limited sets, custom labels and sticker on cover.
- Northlake records labels, identical to the above, matrix CASTAWAY.
It seems like it has been pressed with every possible label…..

1/1Castaway New York,NY,Record Plant / Atlantic studios(USA) 01-Jun-1977/1-1
1/2Wrong side of the street   "-1
1/3Hearts of stone New York,NY,Record Plant(USA) 01-Sep-1977/1-1
1/4Loose ends New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 01-Apr-1979/1-3
1/5Janey needs a shooter New York,NY,Record Plant / Atlantic studios(USA) 01-Jun-1977/1-5
2/1Murder inc. New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 09-Nov-1983/1-1
2/2Where the bands are New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 01-Apr-1979/1- -
2/3Don't say no New York,NY,Record Plant / Atlantic studios(USA) 01-Jun-1977/1-1
2/4Factory New York,NY,Record Plant / Atlantic studios(USA) 01-Aug-1977/1-1
2/5My love will not let you down New York,NY,The Hit Factory(USA) 01-Mar-1982/1-2
3/1This hard land   "-1
3/2Frankie   "-6
3/3I'm going down   "-2
3/4Don't back down ????,????(USA) 01-Jul-1983/1(?)12
3/5Born in the USA New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 10-May-1983/1-2
4/1Trapped E.Rutherford,NJ,Meadowlands Arena(USA) 06-Aug-1984/1- -
4/2Shut out the light Los Angeles,CA,Sports Arena(USA) 02-Nov-1984/1(?) November 84 -
4/3Jersey girl E.Rutherford,NJ,Meadowlands Arena(USA) 09-Jul-1981/1- -
4/4Pink cadillac Album release,b-sides, bonus trk of BITUSA(USA) 04-Jun-1984/2- -
4/5Man at the top East Troy,WI,Alpine Valley Music Theater(USA) 12-Jul-1984/1- -

Bruce Springsteen - CASTAWAY

Bruce Springsteen - CASTAWAY