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18 TRACKS (Various)

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Title : 18 TRACKS
Support: 1 Album
Catalogue number: Various
Pressed in: Various
Release period: 1999 (Oct)

Released in various formats.

1/1Growin' up New York,NY,CBS Studios(USA) 03-May-1972/1-98
1/2Seaside bar song New York,NY,914 Studios(USA) 28-Jun-1973/1-99
1/3Rendezvous Uniondale,NY,Nassau Coliseum(USA) 31-Dec-1980/1- -
1/4Hearts of stone New York,NY,Record Plant(USA) 14-Oct-1977/1-99
1/5Where the bands are New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 09-Oct-1979/1-99
1/6Loose ends New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 18-Jul-1979/1-99
1/7I wanna be with you New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 31-May-1979/1-99
1/8Born in the USA Colt's Neck,NJ,Thrill Hill Recording(USA) 01-Jan-1982/1-98
1/9My love will not let you down New York,NY,The Hit Factory(USA) 05-May-1982/1-99
1/10Lion's den New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 25-Jan-1982/1-99
1/11Pink cadillac New York,NY,The Hit Factory(USA) 31-May-1983/1-98
1/12Janey, don't you lose heart New York,NY,The Hit Factory(USA) 16-Jun-1983/1-98
1/13Sad eyes Los Angeles,CA,Soundworks West(USA) 25-Jan-1990/1-99
1/14Part man part monkey Los Angeles,CA,Soundworks West(USA) 01-Jan-1990/1-98
1/15Trouble river Los Angeles,CA,Soundworks West(USA) 06-Apr-1990/1-99
1/16Brothers under the bridge Los Angeles,CA,Thrill Hill Recording(USA) 22-May-1995/1-99
1/17The fever New York,NY,Record Plant(USA) 16-May-1973/1-99
1/18The promise Los Angeles,CA,Thrill Hill Recording(USA) 12-Feb-1999/1-99