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Support: 3 CD
Matrix: ES-63/64/65
Producer: E Street Records
Vinyl: CD

Another important (and quite rare) recording from E Street Records. Sound quality is very good and some of the out-takes surfaced here for the very first time, and other had never circulated in this quality.
Booklet with songs details and photos.

1/1That's what you get Bricktown,NJ,Mr. Music Inc(USA) 18-May-1966/1-1
1/2Baby I   "-1
1/3The wind and the rain Long Branch,NJ,Monmouth College(USA) 24-Apr-1970/1- -
1/4The ballad of Jesse James Wanamassa,NJ,Challenger East Surfboard(USA) 01-May-1971/1-1
1/5It's hard to be a saint in the city New York,NY,Media Sound(USA) 01-Jun-1972/1-2
1/6You mean so much to me Richmond,VA,Radio Station WGOE-FM(USA) 31-May-1973/1- -
1/7The fever New York,NY,Record Plant(USA) 16-May-1973/1-99
1/8Phantoms New York,NY,914 Studios(USA) 01-Jul-1973/1-1
1/9Rosalita (Come out tonight) New York,NY,Max's Kansas City(USA) 01-Feb-1973/1(?) booklet says "First timeā€¦" -
1/10Thundercrack New York,NY,Max's Kansas City(USA) 31-Jan-1973/1Labelled 5-Jan-1974 -
1/11Blinded by the light Boston,MA,Joes Place(USA) 05-Jan-1974/1(?) Maybe it's 5 -
2/1Jungleland New York,NY,Record Plant(USA) 01-Mar-1975/1-2
2/2Backstreets   "-3
2/34th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) Waterbury,CT,Palace Theatre(USA) 21-Aug-1976/1?? -
2/4Raise your hand   "?? -
2/5You can't sit down   "?? -
2/6Crazy rocker New York,NY,Record Plant(USA) 01-Sep-1977/1-1
2/7I wanna be wild New York,NY,Record Plant / Atlantic studios(USA) 01-Jun-1977/1-1
2/8The promise New York,NY,Atlantic studios(USA) 01-Jun-1977/2-3
2/9Ain't good enough for you New York,NY,Record Plant(USA) 01-Sep-1977/1-2
2/10Gotta get that feeling New York,NY,Atlantic studios(USA) 12-Aug-1977/1-2
2/11Prove it all night Berkeley,CA,Community Auditorium(USA) 01-Jul-1978/1- -
2/12Take'em as they come New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 01-Apr-1979/1-4
2/13Hungry heart Copenhagen,The Forum(Denmark) 01-May-1981/1- -
3/1Trouble river Los Angeles,CA,????(USA) 01-Mar-1990/1-1
3/2Living proof New York,NY,NBC TV Studios(USA) 09-May-1992/1-2
3/3Book of dreams Los Angeles,CA,Warner Hollywood Studios(USA) 22-Sep-1992/1- -
3/4Streets of Philadelphia Album release,b-sides, bonus trk of TGOTJ(USA) 16-Nov-1995/2-1
3/5Missing Los Angeles,CA,Thrill Hill Recording(USA) 01-Jun-1995/1-1
3/6Blood brothers New York,NY,The Hit Factory(USA) 01-Jan-1995/1-6
3/7This hard land   "-3
3/8Secret garden   "-4
3/9Waiting on the end of the world ????,????(USA) 01-Jan-1994/1-1
3/10Back in your arms New York,NY,The Hit Factory(USA) 01-Jan-1995/1-3
3/11Murder inc. New York,NY,Tramps Night Club(USA) 21-Feb-1995/1-1
3/12Little Latin Lupe Lu   "- -
3/13Never be enough time Pittsburgh,PA,Nick's Fat City(USA) 20-Oct-1995/1- -
3/14The ghost of Tom Joad Antwerp,Queen Elizabeth Hall(Belgium) 20-Apr-1996/1- -
3/15Adam raised a Cain   "- -