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LIVE 1975-1985 (Venezuela)

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Title : LIVE 1975-1985
Support: 5 LP
Catalogue number: CBS F5X 10556
Pressed in: Venezuela
Release period: 1986 (Nov)

Quite standard release for box and booklet, but translated album title ("En Vivo") and song titles on labels.

1/1Thunder road Los Angeles,CA,The Roxy(USA) 18-Oct-1975/2- -
1/2Adam raised a Cain Los Angeles,CA,The Roxy(USA) 07-Jul-1978/1- -
1/3Spirit in the night   "- -
1/44th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) Uniondale,NY,Nassau Coliseum(USA) 31-Dec-1980/1- -
1/5Paradise by the C Los Angeles,CA,The Roxy(USA) 07-Jul-1978/1- -
1/6Fire San Francisco,CA,Winterland(USA) 16-Dec-1978/1- -
1/7Growin' up Los Angeles,CA,The Roxy(USA) 07-Jul-1978/1- -
1/8It's hard to be a saint in the city   "- -
1/9Backstreets   "- -
1/10Rosalita (Come out tonight)   "- -
1/11Raise your hand   "- -
1/12Hungry heart Uniondale,NY,Nassau Coliseum(USA) 28-Dec-1980/1- -
1/13Two hearts E.Rutherford,NJ,Meadowlands Arena(USA) 08-Jul-1981/1- -
2/1Cadillac ranch E.Rutherford,NJ,Meadowlands Arena(USA) 06-Jul-1981/1- -
2/2You can look (but you better not touch) Uniondale,NY,Nassau Coliseum(USA) 29-Dec-1980/1- -
2/3Independence day E.Rutherford,NJ,Meadowlands Arena(USA) 06-Jul-1981/1- -
2/4Badlands Tempe,AZ,Arizona State University(USA) 05-Nov-1980/1- -
2/5Because the night Uniondale,NY,Nassau Coliseum(USA) 28-Dec-1980/1- -
2/6Candy's room E.Rutherford,NJ,Meadowlands Arena(USA) 08-Jul-1981/1- -
2/7Darkness on the edge of town Uniondale,NY,Nassau Coliseum(USA) 29-Dec-1980/1- -
2/8Racing in the street E.Rutherford,NJ,Meadowlands Arena(USA) 06-Jul-1981/1- -
2/9This land is your land Uniondale,NY,Nassau Coliseum(USA) 28-Dec-1980/1- -
2/10Nebraska E.Rutherford,NJ,Meadowlands Arena(USA) 06-Aug-1984/1- -
2/11Johnny 99 E.Rutherford,NJ,Giants Stadium(USA) 19-Aug-1985/1- -
2/12Reason to believe E.Rutherford,NJ,Meadowlands Arena(USA) 19-Aug-1984/1- -
2/13Born in the USA Los Angeles,CA,Memorial Coliseum(USA) 30-Sep-1985/1- -
2/14Seeds   "- -
3/1The river   "- -
3/2War   "- -
3/3Darlington county   "- -
3/4Working on the highway E.Rutherford,NJ,Giants Stadium(USA) 19-Aug-1985/1- -
3/5The promised land Los Angeles,CA,Memorial Coliseum(USA) 30-Sep-1985/1- -
3/6Cover me   "- -
3/7I'm on fire E.Rutherford,NJ,Giants Stadium(USA) 19-Aug-1985/1- -
3/8Bobby Jean E.Rutherford,NJ,Giants Stadium(USA) 21-Aug-1985/1- -
3/9My hometown Los Angeles,CA,Memorial Coliseum(USA) 30-Sep-1985/1- -
3/10Born to run E.Rutherford,NJ,Giants Stadium(USA) 19-Aug-1985/1- -
3/10No surrender E.Rutherford,NJ,Meadowlands Arena(USA) 06-Aug-1984/1- -
3/1110th avenue freeze-out E.Rutherford,NJ,Meadowlands Arena(USA) 20-Aug-1984/1- -
3/12Jersey girl E.Rutherford,NJ,Meadowlands Arena(USA) 09-Jul-1981/1- -