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TUNNEL OF LOVE -- 'Intershop' issue (East Germany)

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Title : TUNNEL OF LOVE -- 'Intershop' issue
Support: 1 LP
Catalogue number: CBS 460270 1
Pressed in: East Germany
Release period: 1987 (Sep)

This LP was never officially released in East Germany, but some (many) copies were manufactured in the government-run amiga plant to be sold to Western tourists, in the so-called "intershops" located in Berlin border-area. It is not easy to distinguish this items from the standard European (Dutch) press, infact, the labels are from Holland, and the outer and inner sleeves are identical, too, so the only difference to spot is the 'Matrix' (the code number on the run-off grooves) which is stamped instead of being simply etched, like in European copies, and reads: '460270 + 1A/2A L88 IC'

1/1Ain't got you Album release,Tunnel of love(USA) 05-Sep-1987/1-99
1/2Tougher than the rest   "-99
1/3All that heaven will allow   "-99
1/4Spare parts   "-99
1/5Cautious man   "-99
1/6Walk like a man   "-99
1/7Tunnel of love   "-99
1/8Two faces   "-99
1/9Brilliant disguise   "-99
1/10One step up   "-99
1/11When you're alone   "-99
1/12Valentine's day   "-99