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Support: 1 Album
Catalogue number: 8875164942
Pressed in: Various
Release period: 2015

CD 4 of the 'The River' anniversary box, including the album (remastered), the single album, various outtakes and DVD material (see dedicated entries)

1/1Meet me in the city Album release,The Ties That Bind(USA) 04-Dec-2015/1-99
1/2The man who got away (2015)   "-99
1/3Little white lies   "-99
1/4The time that never was   "-99
1/5Night fire (2015)   "-99
1/6Whitetown (2015)   "-99
1/7Chain lightning   "-99
1/8Party lights - outtake (2015)   "-99
1/9Paradise by the C   "-99
1/10Stray bullet   "-99
1/11Mr. Outside   "-99
2/1Roulette New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 03-Apr-1979/1-98
2/2Restless nights New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 11-Apr-1980/1-99
2/3Where the bands are New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 09-Oct-1979/1-99
2/4Dollhouse New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 21-Aug-1979/1-99
2/5Living on the edge of the world New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 07-Dec-1979/1-99
2/6Take'em as they come New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 10-Apr-1980/1-99
2/7Ricky wants a man of her own New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 16-Jul-1979/1-99
2/8I wanna be with you New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 31-May-1979/1-99
2/9Mary Lou New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 30-May-1979/1-99
2/10Held up without a gun Album release,b-sides, bonus trk of RIVER(USA) 10-Oct-1980/2-99
2/11From small things big things come New York,NY,Power Station(USA) 01-Apr-1979/1-99