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Support: 1 Album
Catalogue number: 88697-76525-2
Pressed in: Various
Release period: 2010 (Nov)

Anniversary edition including the remaster edition of the original Darkness Album plus out-takes and other material on DVD (see dedicated entries)

1/1Badlands Album release,Darkness on the edge of town(USA) 02-Jun-1978/1Released version - take 23 was used99
1/2Adam raised a Cain   "Released version99
1/3Something in the night   "Released version - take 42 was used99
1/4Candy's room   "Released version - take 42 was used99
1/5Racing in the street   "Released version - take 46 was used99
1/6The promised land   "Released version - take 5 was used99
1/7Factory   "Released version- take 28 was used99
1/8Streets of fire   "Released version - take 28 was used99
1/9Prove it all night   "Released version - take 49 was used99
1/10Darkness on the edge of town   "Released version - take 28 was used99
2/1Racing in the street Album release,The Promise(USA) 01-Nov-2010/1-99
2/2Gotta get that feeling   "-99
2/3Outside lookin' in   "-99
2/4Someday (we'll be together)   "-99
2/5One way street   "-99
2/6Because the night   "-99
2/7Wrong side of the street   "-99
2/8The brokenhearted   "-99
2/9Rendezvous New York,NY,Atlantic studios(USA) 01-Jun-1977/2-4
2/10Candy's boy New York,NY,Atlantic studios(USA) 01-Jun-1977/3-1
3/1Save my love Album release,The Promise(USA) 01-Nov-2010/1-99
3/2Ain't good enough for you   "-99
3/3Fire   "-99
3/4Spanish eyes   "-99
3/5It's a shame   "-99
3/6Come on (Let's go tonight)   "-99
3/7Talk to me   "-99
3/8The little things (my baby does)   "-99
3/9Breakaway   "-99
3/10The promise   "-99
3/11The way New York,NY,Record Plant / Atlantic studios(USA) 01-Jun-1977/1uninidexed1
3/11City of night Album release,The Promise(USA) 01-Nov-2010/1-99